What We Do

Semicon Engineering is a global, strategic recruiting services company specialised in the hightech industries: Semiconductors, Mechanical, IT, Telecommunications and Chemical engineering.

Our main focus is to help you assemble the very best Technology and Executive Teams within your organisations high tech domain.

Working with experienced recruiting consultants and engineers with long careers in the high tech industries we are confident we can be a strong partner for your business. We pride ourselves on keeping close relationships with our customers and providing quality, timely, and individualised services to both companies and candidates. Our partners include a broad range of companies, both in the Netherlands and around the world, and our team of expert consultants work tirelessly to find the best match for these companies from our large pool of candidates from around the world.

To Employers

We understand that recruiting a new member for your team is a huge investment, and finding the right candidate often goes beyond the skill set and experience alone. Our consultants have had long careers in the High Tech industry and will work closely with you to fully realize your needs and requirements in a candidate and find the best match for you. 

 We pride ourselves on providing fast and quality recruitment and consultancy services, and our extensive pool of candidates from around the world makes us confident that we can help you find your next team member.

To Candidates

Finding the right position often depends on many factors: personal satisfaction, professional growth, company culture, being valued, location, salary, and many more. Therefore, it can be a frustrating process at times. Our team members are experienced in different sectors of the industry, and will help you navigate all these issues as seamlessly as possible by working alongside you and providing an individualized experience that is tailored to your needs. We work with a wide range of companies here in the Netherlands and to be more precise “The Silicon Valley of Europe”  the high tech region of Eindhoven. We are constantly working on expanding our partners, which makes us confident that we can help you take the next step in your career.